Springwell Medical Centre
39 Ardmillan Terrace Edinburgh EH11 2JL
Tel: 0131 347 1860
Fax: 0131 347 1861
Out of Hours: 111
In February there were 198 missed appointments (DNA'd). Please cancel appointments if you are unable to attend.

How To Register With Us

As a practice we have had several discussions regarding the high demand of new patient registrations.  We are now only accepting 25 new patients per week on a first come, first served basis between the hours of 09:00-16:00 Tuesday-Friday.  We can be extremely busy between 11:00-11:30 each day so please try to avoid this time.  If you present at this time you may be asked to take a seat in the waiting room and we will process your application when staff are available.  We will not accept any registrations on a Monday.  We also do not accept patients from surrounding GP practices.  If you have a GP in the area we will be unable to register you unless you have moved address and your new address is no longer covered by your current GP practice.  Should this change in the future we will post on this website.  We have taken this step to ensure we can deal with current and new patients safely.

To register with Springwell Medical Centre, all applicants must prove that they are currently residing in the UK and provide ID. The documents provided must be in English and prove you are residing in our catchment area. All applicants must fill in a GPR and a Medical Questionnaire - links to these forms are below.  If you would like to sing up for our Patinet Online Services please fill in this form also.  For more information on Patient Online Services please see the tab on the left hand side.

If you would like to register with us, either pick up registration forms from reception or click on the links below.  If you are downloading forms, please complete and bring them in person - please do not post them.  Please remember to bring the necessary documentation with you as we cannot accept your application without these documents.

Each applicant must fill in the GPR and a Medical Questionnaire. Please click here to view our information sheet of what documents you need to bring along with you to complete your registration - please read this carefully.

Once we receive your completed application we will have you on our system in a minimum of two working days. Please note you will be unable to make any appointment until your application has been fully processed.

1. GPR  

2. Medical Questionaire

3. Patient Online Services

Temporary and Private Registrations

If you are staying in our area for less than three months and are acutely unwell we may be able to see you as a Temporary Patient if you are residing in another part of the UK.  Please see our Temporary and Private patient registration form below.  We do not register people temporarily "just in case" you need seen, we will only regsiter you IF you need seen.  If you have a GP surgery in Edinburgh but are staying temporarily in our area then we would expect you to attend the surgery you are registered with.  Similarly if you have ran out of repeat medication then you should also contact your own surgery regardless of where it is in the UK. GP surgeries can pass information to our local pharmacy so you can receive the medication you need.

Please note we must see proof of residency in the UK in order to register you for NHS treatment.  If you are not resident in the UK but resident in an EU country you need to provide us with your passport/ID card and a valid EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) from the country you live in.  If you can not provide the details we require then you can be seen but will need to pay as a private patient.

If you are from a non EU country then you can only be seen on the NHS if you have a valid Visa and this must be a worker, student, residency or dependant visa.  Holiday or Visitor visas do not suffice therefore any consultation and treatment will be chargable.

If you are seen as a Temporary Patient and are refferred to the hospital by the GP, the hospital may charge you for the treatment or procedure carried out. 

Temporary Resident / Private Patient form


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